You have UCS and you want Kubernetes running on it as fast as possible. Before you can even say KUBaM we will make that happen. Here we outline the steps and process of how this all goes down. Want to see a quick tour? Watch the video below

You may also have ways you like doing things with your tools. Therefore, in each stage we have and will continue to add options of how each stage can be accomplished. Have a tool? Let us know and we’ll prioritize it.

Installing Kubernetes on UCS Bare Metal is a 4 stage process. At each stage you may have several options and we will add options as they become available.

Stage 1 - Prepare

You will need a management server that has all the bits required for the kubernetes setup.

Stage 2 - UCS Bare Metal Deployment

In this stage you will need to setup UCS service profiles in a way so they automatically install the operating system.

Stage 3 - Install Kubernetes

Here we automate the installation process of Kubernetes on operating systems that are now provisioned.

Stage 4 - Configure Kubernetes Client